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Expiring Object No.1: Expiration aesthetics.

Expiring Object No.1 is a work that explores the aesthetics of expiration. It is an ‘art-object’ whose worth is limited to the life-span of its embedded energy source. To live with this object means to wait for it to die: a matter … Continue reading

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I am sound

Taken literally, it seems like a preposterous idea: “I am sound”. Must be a metaphor. But it is not. It can be shown that I, genuinely, ‘am’ sound. In fact, so is anyone who hears. The approach that yields this … Continue reading

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Who, or what, caused Romeo’s death?

Much philosophical enquiry engages with the question of ‘free will’  by explicitly exploring how it can be defined. In the previous post, I provided one ill-considered definition. In this post, I am going to take another approach. Instead of attempting to find a suitable definition … Continue reading

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If there is no free will then …

Note: In this blog post (and those to follow), I will attempt a new way of writing. I will attempt to develop a set of ideas, over days or weeks. But in each post, the ideas will not be complete … Continue reading

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  Pre-mediation: The process of conceptualising how the present moment might translate in a future mediation. In this image, there is a transferal of seeing … from our eyes to the lens of the device. We knowingly engage that transfer with a … Continue reading

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Absence in non-mediated experience

I propose a project in which mediated experiences are understood in terms of the user’s absence from the consciousness of the real, current, physical world. This project not only inverts the notion of presence, familiar to critical research concerned with mediated experiences, … Continue reading

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Will you chose the Red pill, the Blue pill, or the Facebook pill?

Facebook recently bought a Virtual Reality headset company (Oculus) for 2 Billion dollars. There is outrage within the VR community who essentially funded this company’s development through crowd funding. They miss the point. Jaron Lanier coined the term “virtual reality” over … Continue reading

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New documentary forms as self-documentation

I’d like to raise the question of the extent to which a new documentary technique or form might document itself as opposed to the subject of the document. I’ll illustrate this question specifically within the context of new technological means, … Continue reading

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Velasquez’s Las Meninas, and self-perception.

One of my pet life-projects is testing the postulate that we go about our lives perceiving ourselves through the eyes of others. Its a physical absurdity, of course … might be better to say that we perceive ourselves through how … Continue reading

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Technology as Constraint System

Serial composition — or the twelve tone technique — is considered one of the most important aesthetic developments in 20th Century compositional thought. What bowls me over is the banality of the technique. In its most generalised form, as devised … Continue reading

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