Hi, my name is Etienne. I’m locked in the pursuit of wisdom. I read, and subscribe to, the great 17th-century philosopher Benedict Spinoza. I’ve recently completed a PhD (at the University of Wollongong) on the relationship between music and spatial verisimilitude (the illusion of being real). I lecture in the Media arts at UOW, and support myself and my family by engaging in a range of work.

My way of understanding the world is to challenge it. Often I write things which appear critical, but really I’m just trying to see how it stands up.

I created Ambisonia.com, now hosted and maintained at the University of York (and previously, SoundOfSpace.com).


2 Responses to About

  1. Hi Etienne,
    I’m always glad to see people woh do not stop thinking about problems which are usually treated as beeing solved once and forall. Music and space is one of those. Unfortunately my writings about that subject are not yet translated into English. You would find some comments on this topic , like on creating ‘spcace’ when using only one speaker, for instance. But maybe you can find some aspects for your discussion here:
    Especially in SPILLING THE BEANS the sections ‘The Sound of the Forest’ and ‘Tramp’.
    You’re welcome having a look.
    Guenther Rabl

    • Hi Guenther,

      I actually came across your site about a week ago (and did read both the pages you suggest). I think you left a link on the CEC list?

      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment.


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