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Technology as Constraint System

Serial composition — or the twelve tone technique — is considered one of the most important aesthetic developments in 20th Century compositional thought. What bowls me over is the banality of the technique. In its most generalised form, as devised … Continue reading

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Aphex Twin and spatial audio

Karlheinz Stockhausen, considered an important pioneer in electroacoustic composition, predicted in 1977: space will become as important as pitch in the traditional music (Stockhausen cited in Worrall 1998) Despite increasing technical means the role of space in music still requires … Continue reading

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Ambisonics is bad technology

Ambisonics, a technology used to create spatial audio experiences, is bad technology for the home (and most public performances). Before arguing this point, let me define how I am judging technology: A technology is only as good as the experience users … Continue reading

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