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Composition by physical determinism (2)

Xenakis was a composer. One of his compositional techniques involved using stochastic laws to derive pitches played by stringed instruments (that was one of his parameter mapping strategies). But what I find interesting is that he used real world physical … Continue reading

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Parameter Mapping Madness

From Gamer’s actions (jumps, kills, bullets, grenades, etc) are transposed into a graphical score for a percussion ensemble to play back in realtime. All good art must reveal something. So what’s the revelation here? That in the digital medium … Continue reading

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An other thing I wished I had learnt… the black art of mapping parameters.

An other thing I wish I had learnt from an electroacoustic music course is the art of mapping parameters. Actually, this is applicable for all digital media. This black art is at the *centre* of almost all digital art work. … Continue reading

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