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The concept of Tipping

Just found this excellent post on the concept of Tipping. The (opt-in) ‘patronage’ aspect of tipping is important. The challenge is always going to be how to aggregate small amounts of money to avoid drowning in credit card fees. PayPal … Continue reading

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Free as in Google

A while ago, Kevin Kelly proposed that all that any artist required for survival was 1000 true fans. He was essentially rebuked by people saying that 1000 true fans is actually a hell of a lot to achieve… and to … Continue reading

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Cut to the chase.

Like an eagle hovering before the kill, I’ve been making circles above my target business model for Ambisonia for a while now. Its not simple. There are so many minor business model tweaks that might have srious impacts. I need … Continue reading

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Planed Business Model clarified… and questions

Here it is put simply. You can stream all content, for free, in AAC or AC3. Just like Youtube. Listen to it as mush as you like. Subscribe for $5/month, and you can download everything, in any format. Purchase credits … Continue reading

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Agile Business Models

I wish there was a methodology for developing and adjusting business models ‘on the fly’ … like in ‘agile’ software development, where you just start writing code but then ‘stay’ loose and flitter back and forth until you find the … Continue reading

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Note to self: have a look at this site, If I understand right, they act as an intermediary for licensing music, whether it be a commercial license or other. If they had some kind of API that ambisonia could … Continue reading

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Ambisonia’s scalable architecture

The aim is to provide a fast website which can, if/when necessary, scale to serve hundreds or thousands of concurrent users. Doing this is non-trivial. Scaling websites is something that I do not know much about, except that its a … Continue reading

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