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Allocation of resources.

I’ve posted a lot about what my I believe my weaknesses are (in developing Ambisonia). At first, I thought it was my non-understanding of Business Models. So I did a lot of reading/research. That wasn’t it (although that research will … Continue reading

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the Uploader .. coming soon.

Just to demonstrate that the Ambisonia Uploader _is_ on-route, here is a ‘real world’ screenshot (i.e. a screenshot that has code behind it (not just photoshop)). I started working on this Uploader around 18 months ago. Since, today, it is … Continue reading

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Developers are the new musicians… and Google is the ‘Record Company’.

Am I the only one who is seeing this? OK, so the new Internet economy an exciting free for all… where kids can turn a few insightful hours in front of a computer into a billion dollars almost overnight. Its … Continue reading

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I need a partner

This solitary effort just isn’t working anymore. There’s a lack of time and a lack of expertise. I can Product Manage ambisonia, but doing the backend coding takes too much time, and designing business models isn’t my domain (although I … Continue reading

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