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C’mon Dave Winer! Dont expose the “platform” to end users.

So I’m having a bit of a look around the FlickrFan app, from the point of view of an end-user. There’s an OPML icon in my toolbar, what the hell is OPML? (again, I know what it is, but the … Continue reading

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Surround Sound is better than Big Screen

Years ago, I bought a second hand projector. I used to project movies BIG on a white sheet right in front of the couch. Stereo speakers on either side. A few years after that, I moved into a small 1 … Continue reading

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Dave Winer needs better Product Management, and a “user before developer” strategy.

A few days ago I downloaded Dave’s new app “FlickrFan” … a kind of wired up internet screen saver but designed with Dave’s trademark ‘organic flexibility’. Context: Ambisonia’s Podcasts is a direct result of Winer’s trademark ‘organic flexibility’. The podcasts … Continue reading

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slow death of DRM

Here is an article about more ways new startups are inventing to generate revenue around the music industry. Apparently, heavyweight Amazon has invested in a company called sellaband which asks their audience to identify good new bands. Once a band … Continue reading

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My 6 projects

Here are the 6 major projects, under which, daily, I define the ‘next action’ to reach the end-goal. They are listed in highest to lowest priority. Uploader. A small downloadable uploader application. Runs on Windows and OSX. Drag and drop … Continue reading

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status of the weaknesses

As you may have noticed, I’m interested in nailing what my weaknesses are, in developing Ambisonia. Casting my thinking into business orientation is clearly one of my weaknesses. Simply put, there _is_ no current business model for Ambisonia. There is … Continue reading

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General update

I used to think that all babies looked the same. And they did. but not Dylan, he looks really different … no really! see! > When Dylan arrived, there was a huge storm, the Ambisonia server got cut off and … Continue reading

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At 4am on Thursday, Dylan was born!

That’s Dylan my new son. 🙂 A little bit after that (I expect) a huge storm came in and cut the power off to the Ambisonia server.  Ambisonia has been down for probably several days. ouch. I havn’t slept in … Continue reading

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