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Productive Time Management Strategy: stay away from iGoogle (email + blogs)

I’ve been observing/analysing the reasons why I’m so productive at work (paid work) but seem to lose a lot of time on Ambisonia…. and there are a couple of key differences. At work, I dont read emails (or very few), … Continue reading

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The success of optional payments will depend on user experience.

There’s one thing for sure…. that is that the success of this whole optional payments business will really depend on how making those optional payments is offered. There are a few ways in which Radiohead’s experiment has been actually quite … Continue reading

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Radiohead makes $6-10 million from the ‘pay what you want’ model

More reports are coming in from Radiohead’s ‘pay what you want’ experiment. In a previous blog post I estimated that Radiohead had made just under $9 million. Now, others are saying $6-10 million. If you want to know just what … Continue reading

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Detail Page redesign … tells an ambitious story

I’ve spent a lot of time on the detail page design. It is ambitious (in features). Have a look. Here are the main points: Ability to navigate directly to the next piece, by artist or by category (good for browsing). … Continue reading

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I feel we are getting closer.

and I’m excited! So Radiohead released their latest album “” online. Their idea was “pay what you like”. So how has it panned out? Well, the TimesOnline did a little survey (3000 people). Their figures indicate that the average price … Continue reading

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New look preview

Here is the design for the new look front page. Its about 80% complete. The key points are: Listen directly out of the front page. Tunes will be randomly rotated so each time the user refreshes the page there will … Continue reading

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Traffic is changeing.

Over the past 4 weeks, there has been little turn over on Ambisonia. Its the quiet before the storm 🙂 The interesting thing, however, is that traffic to the site is actually increasing! Even more interestingly, the proportion of new … Continue reading

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