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Poll results

Its hard to know just how useful the results of this poll are, since I dont exactly know which community they came from. I’m guessing its around 50% the sursound community and 50% the Doom9 community. Some (perhaps shaky) conclusions: … Continue reading

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Priorities become clearer over time.

I have found it very difficult to prioritise the tasks on Ambisonia. Theoretically it is simple. Make a list, order the list from most important to least important. And I do that. But the interesting thing is that 1 week … Continue reading

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Is Ambisonia growing?

Yes. but slowly. This chart shows the number of unique visits per day over an 18 month period (basically since I started using tracking software) . The recent spike in activity relate to the AAC streaming tests, which I think … Continue reading

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An idea about where to put advertising.

AHA! I’ve got an excellent idea about where to put advertising. Check out this page where I’ve encoded some ambisonic material as streaming multi-channel AAC files. Those files are being played back in an MP4 container. The MP4 container can … Continue reading

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Ambisonic Player Harddrive

The Ambisonic Player Harddrive is purchased online. It costs around the same as most consumer devices in the iPod range … maybe a few hundred dollars. It is a smallish box… but well designed. It looks like it does something … Continue reading

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Hardware coupling.

I’m ‘intuating’ that the most likely successful business model for Ambisonia will involve some kind of hardware coupling of the site. This is based on the postulation that people will only really ever bother to start purchasing tunes on Ambisonia … Continue reading

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One Click ambisonic

Just finished doing this prototype Just hit play and you will get full ambisonic surround sound streaming out of the web browser. This is a true ‘youtube’ model. The only caveat is that you need to have your computer … Continue reading

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