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Interview with Simon Goodwin of Codemasters on the PS3 game DiRT and Ambisonics.

A press release recently announced a new PlayStation3 game called DiRT, and stated that it used Ambisonic sound. For those of us in the surround sound community, implementing Ambisonics in games is an obvious match … but for those in … Continue reading

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Poll on how people listen to surround

I put up a poll on Ambisonia asking people how they listen to surround sound. If you get a chance, please have a vote!

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Stereo preview in favour of poor binaural preview?

Given the difficulty of getting a decent binaural preview for all the tunes on Ambisonia, would it not be better to offer a stereo preview? This would satisfy 51% of the aim of the binaural preview. It would: Offer an … Continue reading

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Drowning in the future

I _know_ where ambisonia needs to go (more or less), but I dont have the resources to take it there. The challenge is not even prioritisation anymore.  There is so much work to do that not even prioritisation seems to … Continue reading

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Ambisonic directly from the webpage (?)

The thing that really made Video a huge hit on the Internet was when it was possible to play it directly from a web page. As I have stated before, I think that binaural is really important to ambisonics, simply … Continue reading

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Light blue is the new black

I mean really… how many web sites are using light blue as a background colour … its all the bloody rage.

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More thoughts about

This blog is about … but I’m really enjoying thinking about, putting myself in the shoes of product manager for … and seeing how I would think/process its challenges. I think this helps in my thinking for … Continue reading

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