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Ambisonics in Google

When you type ‘ambisonics’ in Google, you get the standard list of websites that the ambisonics community maintains. When you type in ‘Surround Sound’ … you’d expect not to see much or anything about ambisonics, given its relatively obscure standing … Continue reading

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Finally a good TODO list application!

I was playing around with RememberTheMilk for about 4 weeks, trying to see how it could work for me as a time management tool. I have to say I was impressed with its implementation .. the whole Web2 thing, lots … Continue reading

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Too many ideas, too much work, not enough resources.

So far, I have done everything myself. The graphic design, the web design, the interface design, the application programming, the system administration, the support, the marketting, the DSP scripting, the database administration, the product management, the creative directing, the bla … Continue reading

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How does it sound in surround (dot com)

I was just surfing around and came across a site called Will It Blend which apparently gets HUGE traffic. Its actually a marketing gimmick … where a blender company periodically blends all sorts of things to show how powerful and … Continue reading

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to stereo or not to stereo … that is the question.

There’s a bit of a discussion going on the Ambisonia Yahoo list…. should Ambisonia offer Stereo decodes or not? Might seem like a simple question, but it touches on the heart of what Ambisonia is about … I guess it … Continue reading

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DTS vs Ambisonic

So once the DTS conversions are done (should be within 24 hours of writing this), the interesting thing will be to watch  what is the proportion of downloads of DTS to ambisonic. If the DTS files have more downloads, then … Continue reading

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Bleeding edge

Its now taken me more than 4 weeks to convert all the tunes on Ambisonia to DTS surround (excluding writing the script which took about a month). The process is so %$(&^!) laborious. I have to boot into Linux … … Continue reading

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