Film Sound Cliches

I just found this page which is a list of sound cliches used by the movie industry.

It really is a clear statement of how the movie industry’s use of surround sound is extremely limited.

Helicopters always fly from surround to front-speakers.”

It is also one of my aims … at some point in the future, to produce soem piece of audio-visual, where the use of surround sound is a key contributor to whatever is being communicated. Imagine a movie plot that makes no sense in stereo … and can only be understood in surround…

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1 Response to Film Sound Cliches

  1. John Leonard says:

    Hi Etienne,

    There’s another statement in that section: “An approaching airplane or helicopter will make no noise until it is directly over the characters, at which point it will suddenly become thunderingly loud.”

    I’ll post a recording on Ambisonia that shows that this is sometimes correct. An F15 at two hundred feet is pretty much inaudible until it’s overhead. Then it blows your recording equipment up and sets off all the car alarms in the vicinity!

    Best wishes,


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