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Film Sound Cliches

I just found this page which is a list of sound cliches used by the movie industry. It really is a clear statement of how the movie industry’s use of surround sound is extremely limited. “Helicopters always fly from surround … Continue reading

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Doom9 forums (and should the ambisonia list be migrated to the forum)

I’ve been taking advantage of the Doom9 forum’s ability to track how many people have read a particular forum post to note how many of those readers actually followed the link back to The statistics say that ambisonia … Continue reading

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The quality of a technology can not be established outside of its relationship with how people use it…. that’s my hypothesis.

So, the AC3 codec allows people to encode audio with such a low bitrate that it “will sound really bad”. I find this very intriguing. There is a very tight relationship between technology and people using the technology. This is … Continue reading

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Revenue distribution for CDs vs downloaded audio

This story on briefly mentions a report about revenue distribution for music. The interesting thing about the chart is that, with the advent of download sales: Retailors are the big losers Record companies, Digital Service Providers (I assume like … Continue reading

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Forum thread on the ‘real world’ difference between AC3 and DTS on doom9 forums

I started this thread on the forums to see what the doom9 people thought about the use of DTS (as opposed to AC3) for distributing ambisonic content. One thing that I have noticed about the Doom9 people is that … Continue reading

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Business Development.

This interview makes it clear that one of the advantages of using a Venture Capitalist is that they can help with business development. [podtech content=] I’m starting to realise, understand, that an essential part of running a business is business … Continue reading

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Busy with money work

Right now I’m busy with money work. Work that I need to do to earn money so that I can keep developing Ambisonia. Ambisonia will suffer whilst I’m not focused on it… but the site is not generating any income, … Continue reading

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