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Film Sound Cliches

I just found this page which is a list of sound cliches used by the movie industry. It really is a clear statement of how the movie industry’s use of surround sound is extremely limited. “Helicopters always fly from surround … Continue reading

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Doom9 forums (and should the ambisonia list be migrated to the forum)

I’ve been taking advantage of the Doom9 forum’s ability to track how many people have read a particular forum post to note how many of those readers actually followed the link back to The statistics say that ambisonia … Continue reading

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The quality of a technology can not be established outside of its relationship with how people use it…. that’s my hypothesis.

So, the AC3 codec allows people to encode audio with such a low bitrate that it “will sound really bad”. I find this very intriguing. There is a very tight relationship between technology and people using the technology. This is … Continue reading

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Revenue distribution for CDs vs downloaded audio

This story on briefly mentions a report about revenue distribution for music. The interesting thing about the chart is that, with the advent of download sales: Retailors are the big losers Record companies, Digital Service Providers (I assume like … Continue reading

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Forum thread on the ‘real world’ difference between AC3 and DTS on doom9 forums

I started this thread on the forums to see what the doom9 people thought about the use of DTS (as opposed to AC3) for distributing ambisonic content. One thing that I have noticed about the Doom9 people is that … Continue reading

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Business Development.

This interview makes it clear that one of the advantages of using a Venture Capitalist is that they can help with business development. [podtech content=] I’m starting to realise, understand, that an essential part of running a business is business … Continue reading

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Busy with money work

Right now I’m busy with money work. Work that I need to do to earn money so that I can keep developing Ambisonia. Ambisonia will suffer whilst I’m not focused on it… but the site is not generating any income, … Continue reading

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Ambisonics in Google

When you type ‘ambisonics’ in Google, you get the standard list of websites that the ambisonics community maintains. When you type in ‘Surround Sound’ … you’d expect not to see much or anything about ambisonics, given its relatively obscure standing … Continue reading

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Finally a good TODO list application!

I was playing around with RememberTheMilk for about 4 weeks, trying to see how it could work for me as a time management tool. I have to say I was impressed with its implementation .. the whole Web2 thing, lots … Continue reading

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Too many ideas, too much work, not enough resources.

So far, I have done everything myself. The graphic design, the web design, the interface design, the application programming, the system administration, the support, the marketting, the DSP scripting, the database administration, the product management, the creative directing, the bla … Continue reading

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