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Mahalo debunked by Foxmarks

Something is decidedly under-whelming about Jason Calacanis’ I’ve been trying to put my finger on it… on why it is underwhelming. At first I thought it was the graphic design. To me, the graphic design represents some sort of … Continue reading

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a bit of paid work for now

The DTS decode script is now ready, and I’m planning on doing maybe 10 decodes a day… so keep an eye out on the site… the DTS decodes will start coming out of the woodwork. I’ve already created the DTS … Continue reading

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Current road map

I plan on 2 levels. I plan what I am going to do on any particular day, and I have a very broad long term road map…. but nothing in between. As a professional software developer, planning occurs more on … Continue reading

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What is the Mission Statement? Now this is a tricky question because I’m not sure the Mission Statement should relate to me personally or relate to as a business or what. I’m going to offer a bunch of … Continue reading

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If Ambisonia succeeds, who, in addition to the members and consumers of the music, will benefit.”

In the previous post, Crispin14 suggests that I ask “If Ambisonia succeeds, who, in addition to the members and consumers of the music, will benefit“… in order to identify other players who could be part of ambisonia, and hence perhaps … Continue reading

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Productivity drops when you are manager and producer.

This is still the hardest thing. Working by yourself, at home, on a project where you are manager and producer, without any clients, and not earning money … is very difficult. I’ve just done 1 day’s payed work. During this … Continue reading

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on Milestones.

Last week, I almost completed the DTS conversion milestone, where all content on is automatically translated to DTS. Then I  discovered that all the files I had converted and published were wrong. There was an echo in the sounds, … Continue reading

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